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fm20 tactics tips

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With the team being compact, there is an ability to press in numbers to turn over the ball and keep hold of possession. Due to players always being close together, the team can swarm a man in position to recover the ball quickly.

Best FM 2020 Tactics: Deadly Duo – Unbeaten In Patch 20.2

Through fast, short passing, the team can probe until the right opportunity and then strike with frightening accuracy. A perfect 38 out of 38 is hard to achieve no matter on the team you are managing and it is a sign that is tactic has what it takes to lead any top team to glory.

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fm20 tactics tips

I allow to use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies you can unsubscribe at any time. Inline Feedbacks. We use cookies to help our site work, to understand how it is used and to personally target advertisements. You can read more in our cookie notice. Find out more Accept.Football Manager tactics can be one of the trickiest aspects to get to grips with when you're starting out at a new club.

You can't just stick one tall, strong striker up front alongside a short, quick goalscorer anymore; is a thing of the past. You need to properly strategise and amend your best Football Manager tactic to your team's strengths and dependent on the opposition. Below, we've got some of the best Football Manager tactics to start with and see how things go from there, where you can tweak things further.

Here are some ideas for your Football Manager tactics. Overview: This one is entirely down to the strengths of just a few players on the field. Wing play is exceptional if you've got wingers that can deliver pinpoint crosses and a big lad capable of dashing into the box to receive the cross, whether they're a centre-forward or a midfielder.

Check your wingers before you break this one out, as you want players with good numbers in acceleration, agility, crossing, dribbling, stamina, and technique to make this work well. I managed to get this working with West Ham by pairing up winger Yarmolenko with ageing 6'5" powerhouse Zlatan Ibrahimovic — as most of the work is being done by the winger, leaving your receiving player the task of getting the ball and setting it into the net.

As a bonus, wing play consistently provides entertaining goals to watch using the in-game replay system, as the ball falls from the sky and is hoofed into the net with extreme prejudice. Don't use this if: You don't have the ability to get players into the box, or you don't have good wide players capable of landing crosses, this proves futile and frustrating. Bring on board some of these players, or find another tactic.

Overview: Tiki-Taka is a strong option for a wide variety of teams, but fast-paced European clubs like Barcelona are part of the group that brought it to the world stage.

Tiki-Taka incorporates a barrage of short, quick passes that get your team up the field like a slightly nervous FIFA player. Tiki-Taka is incredibly tricky to stop, which is part of the reason it's so effective. As you would expect, you need players that can pass to make it work, but they also need solid agility, decisions, stamina, technique and off-the-ball attributes. Liverpool are a natural fit for this, and with a WB set-up, you're giving Salah, Lallana and Firmino space to shine, while the rest of your team lock it down with Milner, Trent Alexander Arnold, Gomez and van Dijk offer the enemy a fearful task even if they can win the ball.

Try this out if you're a team that struggles in the air, as the ball is played low in Tiki-Taka. Don't use this if: Tiki-Taka needs knowledge of the tactic and team cohesion to work, in addition to technical ability.

If you're breaking in a couple of new players, Tiki-Taka is going to be difficult, but then if you change the tactic to something simpler, the rest of the team will be all out of whack. How then do you manage new entries to a Tiki-Taka squad? Time and patience seems to be the only answer. Overview: Turning Tiki-Taka quite literally on its side, this is a much more direct approach, often involving playing the ball backwards and forwards through the enemy lines.

Think of this like Tiki-Taka Extreme, in that it requires similar attributes to making that tactic work, but also players with cracking pace and acceleration to run the ball back and forth past the opposition.You can view the full FM20 tactics guide on Youtube below, or continue reading for the key takeaways. Player roles do not stand alone they interact and picking a poor match can ruin even the best of tactical setups. For example: Inverted wing backs may not work with inside forwards.

Try envisage each roles movement both defensively and offensively. Do you have enough players covering in all areas? All vital questions when creating your own Football Manager tactic. Consider your mix of roles and duties.

Playing all your attacking minded players on attack duty is a terrible idea and may create imbalance. Try and view any system in the whole as one cohesive picture. An often mis-understood role Inverted Wing Backs will sit narrow making up numbers in midfield. Used alongside Wingers this can be a powerful combination and help overload the centre of midfield when in possession as shown below.

Remember tip 1 from this FM20 tactics guide, consider role interaction. When using inverted wing backs, if they sit narrow you may need to avoid narrow wingers such as the inverted winger.

Creating chances is about movement and movement is best achieved by stretching the pitch. Consider this in your setup, stretching the opposition will create space and chances. Maybe use Advanced Forwards as opposed to deep lying forwards. Use Wingers where possible instead of inverted wingers. Visualise how each role could utilise every blade of grass. Team instructions can help but avoid whacking attacking width to maximum, its in the roles you can make progress.

Avoid using a deep defensive line; despite the obvious end result of stretching your players you may lose possession more often and this may add unnecessary pressure on your backline. I personally prefer to camp as high up the pitch as possible…best form of defence and all that!

A counter press with counter attack and attacking mentality is the most effective, tried and tested approach.Hey guys and welcome to our best FM tactics for patch Since the update you may have struggled for consistency, but we have found the answer in a two system approach.

Both are good systems in their own right, but combined lead to my unbeaten run with Leipzig. We beat LivepoolBayernDortmund away, Athletico Madrid and the highest scoring game?

Since posting this tactic we have found a far superior system winning the top flight quadruple with York City! Created for patch Make sure you read this entire postit is vital to follow the advice and understand when each system comes into its own. I have spent a lot of time testing this combination to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

I will guide you through both systems as below. You can download them all at the very bottom. For an attacking shape its secure defensively but can be found out against top opposition.

Both strikers look to get in behind but also attack set pieces, AMR and AML pull the opposition out of shape while a plethora of players look for that ball over the top. Lets move onto when this best FM tactic should be used before dissecting each role.

Here are the guidelines for using Mafia in order of importance, clearly some scenarios contradict each other. You may find it easier to understand our screenshot of results further down. This includes a marker for when each system was used. Do not use v three DC systems at all — Mafia relies heavily on the ball in behind, three centre backs gobble this up and strike on the counter. Wolves and Sheffield United are a good example of this.

As above they will sit in, eat up the ball in behind then strike on the counter. Such systems eat into this tactic, I will offer specific advice further down on this. Do not use Mafia away unless you expect victory — This system is risky, while it is organised you are committing a lot to the counter.

Quality opposition will find you out especially on their turf. I would then switch to Mafia for the last 20 minutes if still drawing. Speed is important to counter those annoying passes in behind. Ajer and Onguene are perfect buys for this role. Look for crossing ability and passing. Both players will find the advanced forwards in behind.

I liked Tonali and Dani Olmo. CM — central midfielder support — As above but maybe a little more forward thinking so all round ability is important. Guimaraes will work. The winger will stay wide and find your strikers in the box. Speed and technical ability are important.Written by Lloyd Coombes Published on Sure you can talk the talk.

But here's how to walk the walk. Football Manager tips. Football Manager, as complex as it may seem, is all about winning — just like any other game. Build around your team. This may sound obvious, but you can only play the players you have.

Pick a formation or three. It can be handy to have one more defensive formation trained for playing a stronger team, or adapting when a player is sent offa more openly attacking one ideal for nicking a goal and surprising opponentsand the main tactic for everything else. Red is bad, green is good. Role-playing elements. Football Manager encourages you to know your role.

In the example above, Mesut Ozil can play multiple roles but is best in an Advanced Playmaker role. For example, Ozil has high stats for passing, first touch, and off-the-ball movement — making him ideal as an attack-minded playmaker that can slip between defence and midfield. Big club mentality.

fm20 tactics tips

The mentality section of the tactics menu is one of the most important and can make all the difference. The options have been renamed, but it essentially functions as an overall idea of how aggressive your play will be. One of the mistakes many make is throwing the notch to the attacking options immediately, but this, in turn, leaves your defence open. Instructions, instructions. Instead, focus on getting the ball into the box. More technical teams can always employ the Tiki-Taka method, which keeps the ball and the team moving with rapid passing and overlapping defenders.

Individual instructions are much simpler. Do it with style. It's time to take Blackburn back to the big leagues. These allow you to pick some more preset tactical setups to base your own on. Master all three, and you can build a fluent playing style. Many will obviously clash, like flinging crosses into the ball and expecting to retain possession or a high defensive line with constantly overlapping full-backs.

If your opponents have swapped their diminutive false-nine for a powerful aerial threat, ensure your full-backs are stopping crosses.Join FMB on Facebook. Subscribe on Youtube. Join FMB on Twitter. Chelsea is a fantastic club to manage in England in FM20especially if you want to make things hard for yourself. Chelsea is a challenge in FM20!

Everyone thought that Eden Hazard was carrying this team on his back, and since no-one could replace him, they would fall off hard.

At the time of writing this article, Chelsea is sitting comfortably at the 3rd position with club legend Frank Lampard managing them. Now the question is, can you, as a Football Manager player, do the same or maybe do an even better job than Lampard? Chelsea is a team that was founded inbut its most significant success came in recent years. Your stadium Stamford Bridge has a capacity of 41, and your technical director is club legend, Petr Cech.

The most important thing is to play attacking and possession football. They are of the highest importance.

Are you eager to make great things with Chelsea in FM20?

The first season is the most important one. In the Premier Leaguethey want you to qualify for the Champions League. In the current Champions League season, they expect you to reach the Quarter Final. Starting a new game with Chelsea in FM20your assistant manager will tell you that three styles of football suit Chelsea. Since the Tiki-Taka style is played with a positive mentality, you should create two more formations that your players should train.

The second should be the Fluid Counter-Attack because it is played with a cautious mentality with a DM Wide formation. The third formation should be one that is played with a balanced mentality. That is the Control Possession style. This is where you can use the DM wide formation as well.

Now you have your players getting comfortable playing on three different mentalities that you can use depending on who you are playing against or if you need to defend or score a goal. All of these formations are premade formations on FM20, and you get all the instructions with a click of a button.


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Fm20 tactics tips
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