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Scene: Takes place in Catching Fire : Katniss has awoken from her sleep, after shooting the fault in the force field. She has been picked up by a hovercraft in the Games and is still figuring out what is going on since she is clearly not in the Games anymore. There's the pinching sensation of tubes in my left arm. They are trying to keep me alive because, if I slide quietly, privately into death, it will be a victory. I'm still largely unable to move, open my eyelids, raise my head.

But my right arm has regained a little motion. It flops across my body, feeling like a flipper, no, something less animated, like a club. I have no real motor coordination, no proof that I even still have fingers. Yet I manage to swing my arm around until I rip the tubes out. A beeping goes off but I can't stay awake to find out who it will summon. The next time I surface, my hands are tied down to the table, the tubes back in my arm. I can open my eyes and lift my head slightly, though.

I'm in a large room with low ceilings and a silvery light. There are two rows of beds facing each other. I can hear the breathing of what I assume are my fellow victors. Directly across from me I see Finnick with about ten different machines hooked up to him.

Just let us die! I scream in my mind. I slam my head back hard on the table and go out again. When I finally, truly, wake up, the restraints are gone. I raise my hand and find I have fingers that can move at my command again.

I push myself to a sitting position and hold on to the padded table until the room settles into focus. My left arm is bandaged but the tubes dangle off stands by the bed. I'm alone except for Finnick, who still lies in front of me, being sustained by his army of machines. Where are the others, then?Story Story Writer Forum Community. Focus: Books Hunger Games, Since: Founder: The Moonstar9 - Stories: 16 - Followers: 0 - id: What would this simple dance lead to?

Interwoven by The Moonstar9 reviews District 13 hovercraft crashes. Katniss and Finnick are the only survivors. They seek refuge in Katniss's old house that is surprisingly untouched in District Hurt, afraid, and lost, Katniss and Finnick have no one but each other to depend on and they begin to discover more about each other as they try to build a life in the ruins of the district.

Answers by louvreangel reviews They were in the ship that was taking them to District 13 and Plutarch never answered her questions sincerely. But she needed to know the truth. So one night, she decides to pay a visit to a certain someone to get her answers. She would always succumb to his affectionate ways.

He was just too irresistible and attractive. Plus, his personality intrigued her greatly and was the best part about the guy. Katniss began to wonder if it had been wise to allow a relationship between herself and Finnick The girl who won the Hunger Games. The girl who hates Finnick Odair. Sugarcube by louvreangel reviews "I think I'd like that sugarcube now.

He grinned again and his eyes lightened up as he put the sugarcube in her left hand, touching her fingers and caressing them a little bit on purpose It's okay to voice what you're actually feeling right now, Katniss. Help me, Help you by darkbluemoon13 reviews Snow makes a deal with Katniss and Finnick: Sell themselves to Capitol citizens and their loved ones are returned safely, but Katniss is having trouble adjusting to her new "job".

Instantly my instincts kick in and I find myself aiming an arrow at Finnick. He stands there with his hands raised in surprise, looking seemingly beautiful as ever. Even though I know we're allies, I don't lower my bow. Don't read if you haven't read the book. Red Arrow by The Moonstar9 reviews "Well…" he starts slowly. Then, almost immediately, I can tell he's closer to me now.

His breath tickling my lips. His warm scent washes over me, almost overwhelming me. Then I can suddenly see those sea green eyes, gazing at mine intently.If you don't want to read all the stuff before which I would love it if you would read the whole thing then skip to where the three Asterix are its a new paragraph. Please leave a comment! My eyes fluttered open.

Where was I? My eyes were trying to adjust as things moved in and out of focus. I heard a voice. Another voice. It was Prim! And my Mother! I desperately tried to see them. I squeezed. She squeezed back and that was when I knew it would all be okay. When I woke up next I could see everything clearly. I was in a room, lying on a bed with all white sheets. To the side of the bed, there was a doorway, with no door, leading into what looked like a kitchen.

In the corner of the room sat a dark wooden chair. And on the floor a small rectangular rug. What was happening?

This was not home. Then it dawned on me, I wasn't in District I was in District How was there sunlight filling my room then? My head hurt. I closed my eyes and blacked out agin. As I awoke the third time I sat up quickly. I didn't want to fall back asleep. Especially since I could never tell how long I was sleeping for. Prim came skipping in the room, in a flowing white dress.

Where are we? She sat down next to me and in a very serious voice told me everything.I love getting comments! The second I saw her I knew I wanted her.

She had to be mine. She had long hair pulled back in a brad and green eyes. She was gorgeous. Why was she holding hands with this boy from her district? Didn't she know that in he end she would have to kill him? I watched as slowly she was making her way to become a victor. This of course only made me want her more.

She won. With the boy by her side. What was his name? Oh right, Peeta. I don't care for him, but it is hard to hate him. News of the quarter quell meant that I might have my chance to meet her. Before killing her that is. Finally I'll get to meet her. I met Katniss today. She is a pretty little thing. I tried to talk to her but she seemed to want nothing to do with me.

What was her problem? Oh, well. Plenty of time in the arena, I suppose.

Haymitch pulled me aside today with my mentor. I nod. My mentor nods. We walked away. Before going through the shoot I am handed a bracelet. Some sign saying that I am on Katniss' side. That she'll trust me. This will be good. Because I need her. I want her. More than I have ever wanted anything else.

And who knows? Maybe we can make it through the games together and win as one. Story Story Writer Forum Community.


Books Hunger Games. Please, please, please! Do not read this unless you have read Catching Fire.Hello everyone, this is my first fanfiction ever, so it will probably suck Just saying They belong to Suzanne Collins and to Train.

I stand beside Katniss, who is stroking her horse's neck. I chew the sugar cube, making sure a crunching sound is made, and when she turns her head, the most beautiful gray eyes I've seen in my entire life are just mere inches from mine. I pop another sugar cube in my mouth and lean against her horse. It might have something to do with the fact of me wearing nothing but a golden net knotted at my groin. They've got years to eat sugar, whereas you and I Well, if we see something sweet, we better grab it quick.

What happened to the pretty little-girl dresses? She is wearing a black jumpsuit that covers her from neck down, and a makeup that makes her look way older than she actually is. She looks deadly And somehow, really attractive too. I take the collar of her outfit and run it between my fingers. You could have made out like a bandit in the Capitol. Jewels, money, anything you wanted. What do you spend all yours on, anyway, Finnick?

katniss and finnick fanfiction lemon

I tip my head in so our lips are almost touching. Do you have any secrets worth my time? She blushes at our closeness.

katniss and finnick fanfiction lemon

I chuckle softly. She's obviously annoyed by my cockiness. She opens her mouth to say something, but closes it again.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Have you ever wondered if you could change it all? The rebellion has been over for years. Katniss and the other Victors have been sucked into being pawns for the new regime.

katniss and finnick fanfiction lemon

Death tolls are declining, the work they are doing is finally having some effect. What if President Snow had a back-up plan if his rule fell?

District 13 has found hidden archives of President Snow's secret project. A reluctant Katniss is once again chosen to do the one thing no one else wants to do. How will she fare when she finds herself back in the past? Will she heal? Or will she destroy herself trying to keep others out of harms way. Katniss was a lot of things but she wasn't a coward. She was terrified and out of her mind when she walked up to Peeta Mellark - the Peeta Mellark - and kissed him square on the mouth.

She couldn't let Gale get away with teasing her any longer, besides, Peeta was safe. Gale was a coward. He was madly in love with his best friend but instead of telling her, teased her endlessly about her lack of love life.

So he did the only logical thing he could think of and challenged her to kiss Peeta Mellark. But it had been years since they were in school and Peeta was madly in love with Katniss right, so it was fine.

katniss and finnick fanfiction lemon

Madge loved her friends but they were idiots.I hope you like it. I actually haven't finished reading Catching Fire but so far its a really good book!

I love comments. After a long first day in the arena I'm excited to finally get some sleep. His eyes are watery and I figure he needs some time to mourn Mag's death. I rest my head on his chest as he places his hand on my head. I close my eyes and slowly drift off.

I wake up to see Finnick sitting over me, watching curiously. I shot up afraid he might be deciding to kill me. He stands up.

He is a good six inches taller than me which in the moonlight makes him appear menacing. He comes and sits next to me. We are a good fifteen feet away from Peeta who is still sleeping like a baby. I sigh and toss a rock in the water. After a few minutes of total silence I say "Why? My heart skips a beat. What is this? What is he doing? I don't say anything but my brow furrows. I can feel his eyes on me.

This is ridiculous! Is he hoping that somehow I love him too? What game is he playing?

I go to stand up but he grabs my wrist and throws me into the sand. I don't want to scream for fear of alerting others to where we are. Well, I guess this is it. I think. Finnick Odair is going to kill me. The thought is rather dull. For some reason it doesn't seem to be a problem.

Then his face is inches from mine. His lips press on mine. I try to push him away. But he is too strong. If the cameras were capturing this what would Prim and my Mother think?

What would Gale think?


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Katniss and finnick fanfiction lemon
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