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Troubleshooting an Overheating Engine

Keep your hand on the throttle and with ease maneuver into a tight slip or around for quick rider pick-up. Entering and returning to the boat has never been easier for a human or canine swimmer. The available swim step makes enjoying time in the water a breeze by locking into place either stored on the swim platform or deployed in the water.

Custom Malibu Soft grip coats both the step and platform for comfort and safety. The mOS Malibu Operating System was specially designed to put the information the driver needs in the optimal location with easy to read graphics. Dedicated watersports enthusiasts started Malibu, and that makes a difference today in the way we design and build boats, and in the way we listen to our customers and pros. The 1 selling towboats in the world!

Have your local dealer reach out to you. Extended Awning Now everyone has it made in the shade. The Malibu Command Center The mOS Malibu Operating System was specially designed to put the information the driver needs in the optimal location with easy to read graphics. Malibu Life Dedicated watersports enthusiasts started Malibu, and that makes a difference today in the way we design and build boats, and in the way we listen to our customers and pros. Get In Touch Have your local dealer reach out to you.

Where did you find out about our tour? Would you like to be contacted by a dealer?Have you noticed the temperatures seem to be going to extremes the last few years?

Around the country, we have been seeing colder colds and hotter hots, and for those of us that play or work outside, extreme temperatures require extra precautions. And of course extra complaining!

This time of year, I forget about the cold and complain about the heat which I really should be happy about, because it means boating weather.

The extra heat can have a detrimental effect on the operation of our vehicles. I also have an air-cooled motorcycle that starts to run hot in too much stop-and-go traffic: not much airflow over the cylinders to keep the heat down. Not even boats are immune! If you have ever been out on the water and had an engine spewing steam from the engine compartment because it started overheating, well, you know what heat can do.

Overheating is no minor issue: according to BoatUS Marine Insurance data9 percent of boat fires are caused by engine overheating. Why do boats catch fire?

BoatUS statistics give some insight into the answer, and could help…. The first and easiest is if the dash gauge for the temperature goes out of the green and into red. An overheated engine may not want to start up again after you shut it off, until it cools down.

If your engine is running hot, you definitely have a problem that needs to be fixed. Troubleshooting and finding the problem can be difficult. A few of the more common issues include:. The fact that your boat could overheat means you should know the basics of your engine cooling systems.

Prevent Overheating in Boat Engines

Of course that also means anything in the water goes through the passageways: vegetation, debris, trash, etc. Therefore, blockage and damage to the pump can be an issue. That is why you should always flush your cooling systems.

Most new boats, however, have partial raw water systems. The engine is in a closed system that is very similar to your automobile, and contains antifreeze which actually keeps the water from freezing and raises the boiling point of the water slightly.

malibu boat overheating

Water passes through the engine and is heated. Make sense? Basically, cooling the engine relies on water being passed through something radiator, exchangers to remove the heat. If there is a breakdown in that process, the boat can overheat.

Okay, so now the big question is: what do you do if your boat is showing signs of overheating? Well, it depends. But that may be your best bet, to avoid having your entire day wrecked by a major engine failure. While the engine cools, here are some things to try….Boat engines are prone to overheating. This can cause serious damage to your boat and boat's engine if left untreated. In order to fix overheating problems you first need to do some detective work.

Find out exactly what is causing the overheating problem with the boat engine and you should be able to correct the overheating problem before it has a chance to seriously damage your boat. Overheating is a common problem with boats and this is because of how they are cooled.

Most engines are cooled by using seawater instead of using air intakes. This is beneficial because there is no risk of the engine suffocating if water gets into the air intake. However, if any of these sea intakes get blocked then it can result in the engine overheating. Take a look at the intake pump on your engine to try and find out whether or not it is blocked. It's actually very easy for these intakes to get blocked as a result of seaweed or debris floating in the sea.

The intake pump will be in a different place depending on the type of engine you are using. The alpha drive engines have a pump which is located in the drive itself. Inboard engines often have a separate intake pump which needs to be inspected.

Also check that the intake pump is working properly, it could also be that this is faulty or damaged and needs some extra attention. Replacing a water intake pump is a very easy project but you will need to ensure that you purchase the right model and type of pump to work properly with your engine. If you ever experience overheating with a boat engine then the most likely suspect is the intake pumps. A carrier bag can cause an engine to overheat for no apparent reason.

If you stop to check it out then the bag often comes out and disappears making it look like a mysteriously intermittent problem. Sometimes corrosion can also cause the intake pipes to become restricted, this will cause the same problems. If the intake pump is blocked then the engine will not be cooled properly which will mean that it will overheat.

Inside the intake pump there is a rubber impeller. It is this impellers job to draw water into the engine. If the water iintake port was blocked then it will quite often deform this impeller, over time as the impellers get older they can also become deformed. This can reduce the amount of water which is drawn into your boat meaning that the engine can overheat.

If the exhaust manifolds are restricted then this will prevent water from flowing properly through the engine which will have the same effect as a blocked water intake. If your engine overheats then it can cause damage to the thermostat which can cause the problem again. If the thermostat is damaged then it will cause the engine to overheat but there will still be lots of water flowing out. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

All information is provided "AS IS.Question: Recently I was running along at cruising speed and suddenly the overheat alarm on my boat sounded. Fortunately I was not too far from my slip at the marina and we were able to nurse the boat back into its slip OK. After some inspection we discovered that the impeller in my water pump was shot see photo.

malibu boat overheating

Am I missing anything? This rubber pump impeller clearly has some of its blades missing; tracking down the missing rubber is a top priority after overheating. Back Explore View All. Back Types View All. Unpowered Boats Kayaks Dinghies. Personal Watercraft Personal Watercraft. Back Research. Reviews Boats Engines and Parts. How-to Maintenance Buying and Selling Seamanship. Back Services. Boats PWCs. Boats for Sale View All. Or select country. Search Advanced Search. Personal Watercraft for Sale View All.

Liked it? Share it! Facebook Twitter. Boating Guides. Boat Buyer's Guide. Boat Seller's Guide. Spring Commissioning for Your Boat. Popular Articles Related Articles 1. Five Affordable Trawlers Under 40 Feet. What Hull Shape is Best? Best Boat Brands. What Type is Right for You?While myriad of circumstances can cause an engine to overheat, it is highly preventable in most cases, starting with ample water drawn into the intakes.

malibu boat overheating

Inboard-powered boats typically have grillage guarding the intake passages to prevent eel grass and other debris from being sucked in. Problems occur when the grill slits or holes are covered with marine growth or too much bottom paint, as the flow to the water pump can be restricted.

This can be further compounded when the intake through-hull fittings serve as home to barnacles, which create more constriction. If you rely on the yard to bottom paint your boat, insist they remove the screens, clean out the throughhulls and dab some paint on the insides. Once marine growth calls these surfaces home, you own it, alive or dead, and it crowds out the water available to your engine and other water-dependent accessories. Some boats also have internal engine and accessory strainers.

But the best find was aboard a boat in Killarney, Ontario. Most internal raw-water strainers use a Lexan globe that makes it easy to see when it needs cleaning. This strainer, however, had a stainless steel case that required disassembly to reveal what it contained.

In addition to Georgian Bay weeds, wedged tightly inside was a hapless fingerling walleye. Obviously, this foreign-built boat never had, or, had lost its exterior grill on the hull bottom.

Confirm any exterior intake protection is replaced properly before launching your boat. On my boat I always use new fasteners each spring. Churned up sand or mud from the prop wash that occurs while operating in shallow water will also find its way into the strainers. To save wear and tear on the water pumps, my rule is to shut off the generator, air conditioner, and live well when backing into the slip if such conditions exist.

Overheating can also be caused by a worn or damaged water pump impeller. If the impeller is damaged and is missing a vane, make sure any displaced pieces are accounted for and removed. Any debris left in the water passages may reduce flow, which leads to persistent overheating. When a new impeller is installed, run the engine or related system as soon as possible to ensure proper operation, as I learned from experience.

The engine folks who replaced the impeller on my starboard diesel insisted all of the old pieces had been found and the boat was ready to go. The following weekend, when I had guests aboard and powered up to cruising speed, the engine alarm suddenly went off again. I pulled back the throttle and the alarm silenced. With both engines in neutral I checked the water coming out the exhausts and noticed plenty of flow on each side.

After limping back to the dock with no alarms ringing, I climbed in the engine room. After uncoupling the raw-water hoses at the heat exchanger I found a handful of loose particles from the old impeller clogging the bundle.Overheating problems in an inboard-outboard motor, also called a "stern-drive," happen as a result of component failure somewhere in the cooling system.

One part might be responsible, or a number of parts can contribute to the overheating problem. Even mild overheating can cause serious damage to expensive engine components. Upon any sign of overheating, a boat owner should investigate the root cause of any abnormally high temperatures. Installing a spark plug that has the incorrect thread length into a marine engine head can cause a run-away pre-igntion problem.

Spark plug threads that extend into the combustion chamber can accumulate heavy carbon deposits, which continue to burn past the combustion cycle. As a result, the plug electrode overheats and causes higher than normal combustion temperature. The inboard-outboard cylinder head can accumulate large carbon deposits in the combustion chamber head, valve surfaces, around the exhaust valve stem and in the exhaust ports.

The heavy accumulations form a thick barrier that resists normal heat dispensation, reducing the combustion chamber volume and absorbing and holding heat after ignition. De-carbonizing sprays use strong solvents, which when injected into the fuel intake system break up and dislodge the carbon. Overheating of the inboard-outboard motor at the raw water intake ports on the lower unit can block off the cooling water to the engine.

When the small intake ports on the lower unit become clogged with twigs, mud, seaweed or plastic, they can starve the engine for cooling water. Boat owners should inspect the intake ports and free the ports, or intake screens, of all debris. The trim setting motor angle should not be tilted up excessively high where the ports break the water's surface and suck air. Some inboard-outboard marine engines contain a closed loop cooling system that consists of a radiator, which uses anti-freeze coolant for the purpose of cooling the engine passages and wet exhaust manifold.

Overheating problems manifest when the radiator cores become clogged with rust and residual oil and sludge. A defective thermostat stuck in the closed position will completely block the cooling fluid from circulating in the engine, leading to rapid overheating.

Rubber water pump impellers are used on all inboard-outboard marine engines. The impellers have fan-like blades that rotate rapidly to draw intake water through a raw water inlet and pump it through the various engines passages and exhaust wet manifold jackets.

If the rubber blades turn brittle with age they no longer hold their seal within the water pump housing, causing a reduced flow of cooling water. Broken impeller blades can also reduce the flow and plug a water jacket on the discharge side of the water pump. Low and-or contaminated lower gear case oil will cause an overheating problem. If the gear case oil level measures below specifications, it can cause inadequate lubrication to the transmission drive gears, which will raise the temperature of the lower unit and transmit the heat through the engine case.

Water that has contaminated the gear case oil because of ruptured seals or gaskets will breakdown the viscosity of the oil, keeping it from lubricating the parts. Improper lubrication produces friction, which produces excess heat. Outside ambient air temperatures that exceed triple digits will cause an elevation of overall engine heating, especially under dry humidity conditions. Combined with running the engine at full throttle for prolonged periods, the engine suffers more load on all the major engine components, like the crankshaft bearings, cam, valve guides, pistons, rings and rod bearings.

Constant full-throttle operation on very hot days, should be avoided, especially if towing skiers or carrying heavy passenger loads. A blown head gasket in an inboard-outboard engine will cause water to enter the combustion chamber and be discharged out of the exhaust. The loss of cooling water that would normally circulate throughout the engine becomes reduced, overheating the affected cylinders.

Blown head gaskets require major engine repair and expense. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Intake Restriction Overheating of the inboard-outboard motor at the raw water intake ports on the lower unit can block off the cooling water to the engine.HandballOutright BettingOutright Betting is all-in compete or not. Match BettingUnless otherwise stated all bets will be settled based on the score at the end of regulation time and excluding overtime if played.

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What Causes an Inboard/Outboard Motor to Overheat?

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